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About Us

At SWANDL SOLUTIONS, we provide simple solutions to technology challenges startups and small businesses face. As a small business, investing in enterprise-grade software applications and infrastructure can be prohibitively expensive. On the bright side, there are a variety of Open Source and budget-friendly alternatives available. But how do you choose the right software and solutions that are tailored to your requirements, while securing your data?

With over 19 years’ expertise, experience and technical know-how in the software industry, our team provides you with the right assistance and solution for all your technology needs. Our experts have worked with enterprise-level technologies and open-source platforms and have vast experience in handling software issues and building robust solutions. With these core strengths, we deliver premium-quality service at the most affordable cost.

Our Services

From simplifying IT processes to getting the right advisory, we’ve got you covered.

1. Email Commands Receive Solution (ECOMARS)

ECOMARS is a highly secure service where you can email a set of predefined commands to ecomars@swandlsolutions.com and receive the desired output. This can be anything ranging from a simple daily report produced from your live data to a prescriptive analysis based on complex data using AI algorithms. Remarkably simple, right?

2. Solution as Service (SolaaS)

As a small business owner, it can be challenging to find a single software that does exactly what you need. Most often, you are forced to depend on multiple tools. In many cases, companies hastily hire developers to create custom software. This often results in delayed ROI or a short shelf life. We provide custom-made solutions based on our modular Solution as Service (SolaaS) model. Additionally, we are committed to accelerated development so the turnaround time is always less than 30 days.

3. Zero-Hour Tech Assistance (ZeHoT)

It is common to see setbacks at the last minute, whether it is the completion of a software project deliverable or getting your payroll done on time. At times like these, you need an expert who can provide you with timely assistance and consultation. We have a pool of technology experts who are available on short notice to assist you with your problem, and guarantee satisfactory results.

Our Platform Synergy

Here’s what our platform synergy looks like. Our platform delivers all aspects of cloud computing, integrated as one offer. The solution is then delivered as a subscription service. 

We make use of the Solution-as-a-Service (SolaaS) model to deliver our solutions. Solution-as-a-service offerings are transforming the way businesses manage their IT needs. It goes beyond Infrastructure as a Service (third- party host computing),  Platform as a Service (third-party platform for web applications), and Software as a Service (cloud access to software) to integrate all aspects of a project or business.

Why Choose Us?

One-stop Solution

We understand that your business is unique and you’re looking for the best solution that’s tailored for your needs. We have years of experience working directly with business owners to create full-cycle projects. Our Service Platform integrates all aspects of a project or business and is a complete solution that empowers your business with the support of a knowledgeable team. This way, you can simplify, streamline, and optimise your IT processes, and instead focus on the things that matter. This reduces the burden faced by your IT department, saves money, and provides the right tools for your employees to do their jobs.

Security and Integrity

It is a fact that every computer software and network ever built has been compromised, and despite having state-of-the-art security solutions, are likely to face future attacks. We have devised our own unique methodology of segmenting information data and storing it securely in multiple zones.

Choice of Technology

We use tried and tested technologies including SQL, Java, Unix, C++, Python, PHP, JS, Service Mesh, RL and have designed our services based on asynchronous communications. All our solutions have been developed in-house and deployed using a combination of leading open source tech, best-in-class vendors and proprietary software to help your business stand the test of time.

How Our Process Works? [3-Steps]

How It All Began

Let’s rewind to the global economic slowdown in 2018. That’s where our idea for SWANDL SOLUTIONS stemmed from.

In the first few years of doing business, small companies have to battle different challenges. Some are harder than others to overcome. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 20% of small businesses fail by the end of their first year. By the end of their fifth year, 50% go under; and by the tenth year, that number rises to 80%. With survival rates like that, it is easy to understand why entrepreneurs face the first few years of business with trepidation. But the good news is that many common business problems and challenges are remediable.

Based in Bangalore, India, SWANDL SOLUTIONS was born out of the desire to help startups and small businesses tackle these problems effectively.